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Тема: An attractive pizza box gets you more< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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июля 2022
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Foodies always like to hold an attractive pizza box filled with food-related information, which will inspire a strong desire to eat the product right away. take out food containers wholesale Represent your fast food brand by getting product graphics, ingredient details and dimensions, and your logo on these custom pizza boxes, making it easy for customers to focus on what they're getting and stay in their minds long-term.

When it comes to pizza, quality matters. The same goes for the box in which it is offered, whether it's an 8" personal size box, the popular 14" or 16" box, or a huge 30" box. Our liners, media and finished products are regularly tested by independent accredited laboratories and finished packaging meets FDA requirements for food contact. Hyde sources raw materials responsibly, uses renewable energy in our containerboard manufacturing, and uses new and recycled wood fibers.wholesale kraft paper bowl Recyclable in compliance with local requirements, our foodservice packaging is a sustainable option.

Check out our large selection of pizza boxes for takeout from your pizzeria, restaurant or other food service establishment.personalized paper ice cream cups We wholesale pizza boxes of all styles, shapes and sizes at great prices. Our pizza boxes are built to last and are sure to provide your customers with delicious pizzas that look as good and fresh as they were right out of the oven. Whether you want to serve whole pies, or sell them by the slice, we'll wholesale pizza boxes for your establishment.bread packaging paper bags Choose from corrugated boxes, clay-coated cardboard boxes, print styles and general options.reusable coffee cup carry tray Our pizza boxes come in a variety of sizes to hold your small, medium or large pizza. For customers ordering a single pizza, be sure to check out our Pizza Slicing Box.

Hyde Packaging is committed to providing quality custom pizza boxes that help your brand thrive by assisting in the sale of your pizza. single wall coffee cup supplier Whether you're looking for a regular size pizza box, or a custom pizza box with the printing you want, we've got you covered. finger chips boxes wholesale Your pizza containers will be made the way customers love and return to your brand for more.custom popsicle sticks Get free design help from a skilled expert to create a unique identity for your brand and its products.

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» Быстрый ответ An attractive pizza box gets you more
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