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Отправлено sellcigarette в ноября 18 2019,12:30
Additional, under the illuminate of ultraviolet kitchen < Newport Regular Cigarettes > tools, the middle of seal can seem a pink watermark, it truly is Cuban republic actually countrywide emblem.  In < Cheap Newport 100s > the uv as well, there are anti-counterfeiting serial range, is the above XX603385 phrases.
Each box of pipes has a bar code about the far left of the protection seal. Do < Buy Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online > not underestimate that, in this simple string connected with Numbers, hidden cigar product or service information, dealer, invoice variety and other important information. In addition , the protection seal is made of a special sort of synthetic paper, which has the actual special function of doing damage to automatically under any outside force that attempts to eliminate it (other high-tech safety technology is also adopted). That cannot be moved and divided, which means that the seal is not easily copied, only absolutely destroyed.
Anti - faking seal small and delicate, sophisticated design, cost is more pricey, from the technical is more tough forge.
Check the Habanos point in the upper right corner
The particular bold red "Habanos" is actually highlighted by a yellow edge, with a black stripe associated with tobacco leaf on the left,

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