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Тема: st gain was not the skill< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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августа 2017
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When I opened my album, the first thing I saw was a photo full of innocence. The picture shows a cute little girl, wearing a hat and sandals, posing with a gesture of victory. Looking at this photo, I can't help but think back to the time when I just started learning to ride a bicycle in summer <a href=""></a>. It was one afternoon, and I wanted to learn cycling. Mom and Dad have no choice. On a hot day, the family pushes a bicycle around the neighborhood. This bike was ridden by grandpa before, so it looks particularly tall and large in my eyes. I put my feet on the concrete steps by the side of the road, my legs stretched hard, and the other leg tried to straddle the cushion. "Yeah ..." It's hard. Why can't I lift my leg? Later, I brainstormed and came up with a good idea. I put my feet on the triangular iron in front of the cushion. This iron-shaped shape is a sealed figure, so it is impossible to slide down. This time, I will push hard, hey, I got up! This simple first step-stepping on the bike adds confidence to my little mind <a href="">Marlboro Gold</a>. I step on the foot pedal with confidence, and the other foot on the back pedal. Too close, making a decision to make a decisive battle. My dad looked at me with a "giggling" smile, but I pretended not to hear it, and I only thought of a sentence: I must ride a good bike ! "Dangdang", "Ah-" With the sound of the bicycle falling, I let out a scream like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. "She's the fourth time." Mom said to her dad by pulling the wrench. Dad just shrugged. "But what about her?" Mom and Dad said in unison. "Here, here! Save me! Come on! Save ..." Mom and Dad heard it and saw me and the bike "did it all" and fell in the bushes together and were frightened. The fall was not only light, not only "skin bruises", but also a broken bicycle basket. My father and mother saw me not only sympathizing with me, but also gloating, which made me very unhappy. What caused me to wrestle is the bad thing of pride. It turned out that I just got a little bit of little fur and was so proud that my butt left the cushion, holding the faucet with one hand, and hummed Xiaoquer. As a result, the faucet was not sure, and the cause of a "traffic disaster". Since then, I have worked harder to learn bicycles, making progress every day. This photo was taken when I was truly successful, and voila, I laughed much brighter and learned to ride a bicycle during this time <a href="">Wholesale Cigarettes</a>. My biggest gain was not the skill of riding a bicycle, but I understood a profound truth: doing things cannot Pride, only humility can achieve real success! This is my biggest gain<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">NewportCigarettesCoupons</a>
<br/> <a href="">Newport Cigarettes</a>

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