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In this semester, in the fourth grade comprehensive practical activities, our class launched the theme activity of "Let Environmental Protection Come into Our Life". According to the requirements of the guidelines for comprehensive practical activities and the cognitive level of fourth-grade students, the following goals are designed: 1. Knowledge and ability: Through activities, students understand the important use of water in our production and life. Through the reports of students, we know The basic situation of the earth and China's water resources, understand the meaning of water saving, learn to formulate "class water saving plan" and slogan. Second, the process and methods: develop students' ability to organize materials, language expression ability, and ability to communicate with people in activities. 3. Emotional attitudes and values: Recognize the importance of water, apply water-saving tips to practice, and establish water-saving awareness and habits. The topic is "Water Saving", and the focus of the activity is "Water Saving". But "why should we" and "how do we" are the main problems to be solved in this lesson. Regarding the first question: "Why the festival", I designed the first section of this event: "Understanding Water Resources". In the introduction part of this section, I directly use video clips to ask questions, so that students can use their existing life experience to connect with actual life to talk about the role of water. Students speak freely Carton Of Cigarettes, which greatly enhances the enthusiasm of students. Then I asked the students to report on the information collected on the earth and China's water resources before the exchange. More than 30 pictures are interspersed in the courseware produced, such as the world water resources distribution map, the world's water scarcity picture, China's water distribution situation, China's main water resource pollution situation, etc. A strong shock. Then I will help students to understand the basic situation of water resources, the reality of severe shortage of human water, and the alarming number of water pollution caused by social development. Then, under the serious background that water resources have become a constraint on human development, there is still such a scene of wasting water in our daily life and learning. This is the second section: "How to save water". Throw it directly to the students Parliament Cigarettes, and let them put themselves in a position to make suggestions for the "water saving" cause. Students have proposed small water-saving tips, and some water-saving methods are very feasible and effective. After a few pieces of wasted water about the school, the students were all amazed by such behavior. As the future of the motherland, the small master of the class formulates a water-saving plan for the class. Not only can water-saving methods be put into action, but also the ability of students to cooperate in learning can be cultivated. Especially when creating "water-saving slogans", each student's interest in learning is fully mobilized, and good ideas are emerging in endlessly. Drive to the children's shining creativity, which is encouraged as a ttes and I will continue to develop the topic of "environmental protection"
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