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Тема: Give me a sunshine an< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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PostIcon Отправлено: мая 09 2020,09:24   Ignore posts   QUOTE

Give me a sunshine and I can have a rainbow; give me a green leaf and I can have hope; give me a note and I will play Chopin's nocturne for you; give me a compass and I will take you around worldwide Marlboro Cigarettes. The world is like this. Some simple things create a wonderful life. When you rub the two sides of the tripod and look at the water splashing in the middle, have you noticed what shows this wonderful phenomenon? When you sang verses such as "one leaf, one sound", did you ever wonder what caused this "empty steps to fall into the light" landscape? When you walked on the dazzling streets with your favorite popular minor humming, did you ever know what made this beautiful sound? Some seemingly ordinary Newport Cigarettes, seemingly simple things, inadvertently, have been transformed into the six basic strokes of the wonderful pronoun "B", marking out China's long history, the profound classical culture of the doctor is carved in the passage of time With a deep imprint, it is as if Liaoyuan's torch sang in the stars. At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the three different ways of writing the word "he" not only described the subtlety of Chinese culture, but also the most beautiful concept of yearning for peace. The simple strokes have inherited the common wish of people for thousands of years. It shows the beauty of the East to the people of the world in the most wonderful way of evolution. Chinese characters are marvelous, it shows a kind of oriental classical beauty; English is also marvelous, 26 letters piece together another colorful world. Different combinations, different orders, different letters, plus a melodious tone. If there is an unparalleled fortitude in the roundness of the Chinese character, then the smoothness and softness of English have a Jiangnan atmosphere of Wu Nongnuan. Around the tip of the tongue, one chapter, one volume, and another taste, and a natural lingering tongue like tea, which is a big music country, and new generations of singers are emerging. "," Mi "...... In just seven chapters, thousands of melodious voices were sung Cigarettes Online. Can you remember the successful song "Life and Death", with what tune did it sing the firm will of China &#65533;&#65533;s 1.3 billion people to fight against the disaster together? Do you remember what kind of melody "Welcome to Beijing" played China's most eager welcome to the people of the world? Before the disaster, we built a strong wall with singing; on the day of the nation's welcome, we used singing instead of words to express our joy, simple notes, wonderful music, this is life. Wonder is born in simplicity, and simplicity is highlighted in wonder. In this world, these simple languages, simple music, and simple words are enough.
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