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Тема: What a quiet night. Th< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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What a quiet night. The night wind gently flicked the hair tips, and it seemed that a slight sound of sleep could be heard in the wind. However, in the thick night, there is still a touch of yellow light, like a pair of longing eyes looking around in the middle of the night. The wind ran up the stairs and went straight to the light. The door opened gently before it ran to the door. Suddenly, the surrounding air filled the warmth of the home. Mother leaned against the door Online Cigarettes, wearing an apron, her hair loosely held, and a pair of soft slippers on her feet. She saw me with a big smile, her eyes full of joy and love. I entered the door in silence, lying on the table. Fatigue upsets me. There seem to be countless worms eating my consciousness and wanting to empty my mind Marlboro Lights. In a trance, I saw the flower apron swaying into the kitchen and flying up and down inside. In a few minutes, a bowl of hot soup appeared in front of me. Mother pulled a chair and sat across from me. I drank the soup quietly, and looked at my mother's hair-maybe she should dye it again. Mother's hair was black for less than half a year, and the piece of white reappeared on her head one after another. Mother, watching me too. Maybe it's because I looked tired. She was anxious to know what happened, and a series of concerns were thrown at me like fireballs. I was powerless to answer the question, stood up and knocked the bowl back on the table, which was a complete answer to her. My mother asked no more, we picked up the bowl and slowly walked into the kitchen. In the clang of the dishes Newport Cigarettes, no one mentioned the reason that bothered me. We just opened the screen and let the light shine through the darkness, driving away all anxiety and boredom. The night wind blew. I lay in bed and heard my mother turn off the lights. In the quiet night, those longing eyes flashed a few times and closed. The next day, I met the uncle next door. When the uncle saw me, he took hold of me, and said with a long tone, "Hey, your mother ... For many nights, when I heard my footsteps going upstairs, I quickly opened the door and thought it was you who came back. As a result, I saw it, and I lost my face ... "At this point, Uncle smiled and raised his two fingers, shaking, shaking ..." Hey, your mother ... Uncle's words, I will never forget it again. One night, I rushed towards the yellow light. I know that this time, my mother will never listen to my footsteps again, never open and close the door again and again, and never face Looking down at the empty corridor, the longing eyes would never close again when the surroundings were dark and silent
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