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Тема: he sky, and where should m< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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Only Magpie stopped in this season, and suddenly called the second finger of my left hand. I already knew that this spring, stepping on the drum, the herd boy played the yellow flute and played the music that belongs to this season. The smile opened, the lonely figure was gone, and I was not alone. The green grass woke up and forgot about the sorrow of yesterday Marlboro Cigarettes. Singers, artists, scientists who have taken test tubes will all participate in this season of dance, everyone Opening my eyes, watching the time filled with joy, the child then tasted the mother's-milk-juice and felt the most holy motherly love in the embrace of spring. There will be this world, brisk world, lost The rest of the world after it's cold! So why not take a walk? Why not let go of sorrow? Lamenting the willow branches floating, the original music unit is the place where spring begins to walk, slowly, I feel spring Footsteps hit my skin, oh, how could it be a step? It is a leisurely soothing, a gentle scent? I should have noticed it earlier. The aura of spring surrounded me, how can I give myself a A reasonable explanation? This thoughtful People are bound to be me, my heart, my chest, my pity for my own heart! Busy spring, come fast, I will sync with you, we meet in a spring rain, we start in a world Learn to know yourself, and Chun will definitely answer. She screamed, I was busy running forward to pull her hand up for a long time. I quickly told her that I had been brewing for many days, even if I waited at will It also takes a season. Oh, spring, infinite care has been given to you, but I am extremely proud, my selfishness has not been lost after all. Once he chooses it is a direction! Oh, spring, my lover, So wait for me, I rushed forward, how about we go together? Among the figures of Mimitza, a bright moon looked quietly at the height of the sky. All kinds of leaves rustled, but I didn't hear your cry. For this moment, those excessive hopes roared behind him, like waves. The charming couple on both sides of the sea and the river look forward to the familiar eyes again, but they can only be transformed into acacia in an instant. One person represents more hope. The wicker swings in the golden autumn, forming a huge shadow on the ground. People walking in the air began to smell the shadows of the night. The old man looked up to see how Bai Yun flew away. What could be left was only those empty years and nervous shadows; what he could remember, only the woman who combed her hair in front of the mirror knew. The side of the sky began to shake huge wave marks, and the moon shed tears of acacia. The black * box only exposed a little and received the light of the whole world. Distance is nothing, the baby sings all night in the space. Each sentence is a naive and harmonious tune. One keeps silent no matter what, but in the end still springs up. In the temptation of black *, cast a large net, which can catch everything, wandering hearts Marlboro Red, and the sadness of the decadent prodigal son Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Shaw's tunes began to appear in those ancient cities, but those of the past have long since disappeared into the vast expanse of smoke. The people who can still stare at it all are me and those who are too careful about life. Really no matter what time, all we can remember is that good-hearted atrium, come into me, those shining lights, why do you shine the darkness in my heart. I have long been reluctant to mention those shameful days; and my heart began to show the dim starlight, and I can't see its existence, my God, how can I convince you. I must choose to go long, if I can't hear you, I am willing to cover my eyes with a leaf. Kexin is dead, why am I living like this! Forgive me, the stars left on my hair, I tell you, never forget that night, how can I rely on you. And I want to tell your eyes, I just stared at you like I didn't breathe like a stray person, unable to find a pure direction. OK, so I walked in, into the dusk, into the lost, into a barren pasture. I looked at everything around me with those poor eyes. The beautiful clouds are flying in the sky, and where should my heart drift? I only admit it should be on the water. So pure, as if I've known her forever. So short life and years, so short friendshi
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