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Тема: cover missing, unpredictable, or< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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d, and the farmers drove the oxen up the road and headed for the fields. And the forgotten rice seeds in the field, once germinated, are irresistible, like vertical rain, making the soil more moist after 1981. The advent was happy before 1981, and the advent of happy memories after 1981 was broken 1. The dried rapes extended from the fields to the mountains. Under their feet is an abyss that cannot speak Marlboro Cigarettes. The mountain road is winding and tortuous. On the car leading to Qimen, the passengers are lethargic. The paddy field has been plowed, and the village aunt throwing seedlings has also set up a posture. I can't predict how far she can throw. 2. The neon red fluttered the wings of the treetops. They slept in the ice cellar yesterday. The lighthouse was high, and a child looked up at a frightening bird. The sound is screaming, and the high-rise buildings cast with layers of steel are full of echoes, floating like straw in the air. You will see that all the birds are flying close to the ground Cigarettes Online. 3. Knowing someone means that the whole lifestyle is centered on memories and a photo is the mirror. Get used to sleeping in clothes. Tap water keeps someone in a state of being constantly in the air. A light spot where the hallucinations move, or if nothing happens. Of course, you can shake hands with strangers, even communicate with each other and drink Marlboro Gold. Someone is struggling in a vortex of utilitarianism. Someone is immersed in the aura of glory. Someone is dead, like a straw, drifting away. Someone is here, more real than a ghost. The glimmer of light from a lamp, the duration of a greeting, distantly illuminate the future of strangers. Even if I know someone's name and remember the drunkenness of a certain month and day, I will completely forget, and use someone's determination to leave me. 4. A gust of wind, another gust of wind, showing no sign of stopping. The continuous rain, always with the heavy revenge, hits my face. Who fell at midnight? Singing at the street lamp, the melodious song was also covered with wounded bandages. The broken flute no longer plays for me even if it returns to yesterday. 5. Wake up early. Rain, hawking in spring, gets wet outside the window. From tomorrow on, wear shorter clothes. The skirt was like the leaves in the wind. Several old men shaking the fan were watching an endless game of chess. The eyes behind the sunglasses seem to sleep but not sleep. This kind of weather is most likely to expose skin problems. How many women are worried about this and move forward quickly in the sun. Look at the child, even with depression, with an excited expression. 6. Hot. insomnia. Waking up at night, a jacket uneasy. Who opened the wine on the table? Did not drink, only the breath. Quiet night. think. A closed window, the window lattice is last year, the window flower is this year, the scenery outside the window is changed in the middle of the night. After walking for a day, I don't remember the faces of several people. Seeing only the dust on the face, like thick rouge, there will be more tomorrow than today. It is impossible to count the number of wake-ups, as if a teenager's marriage, a sewer with a manhole cover missing, unpredictable, or an unpredictable alarm clock set at seven in the morning, a cup of coffee can be added. In short, dawn is still far away.

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