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The row of multicolored paintings on the outdoor painting wall are not neatly stacked on top of each other, and the other finger pointed at the sky not far away and opened his mouth in surprise: "Wow Cheap Cigarettes, a burly sycamore. Standing on the other side of the road where the sun is gradually rising, I didn't hide in the shadow of the tree. Those sycamores, branches, leaves and leaves stretched towards the center of the road, and the blue sky was covered by such a large and angry green onion The whole road turned into a large cool place. I went to buy a sketchbook and pen and went back to the road outside the painting room. I waited for my mother to drive me back across the studio. Did n&#65533;&#65533;t I hold an umbrella again ?, The weather was so hot that I was looking forward to my mother &#65533;&#65533;s car shadow, but this time it was only a sycamore tree with almost no tree shadow. This sycamore tree, like a primary school student &#65533;&#65533;s ink brush, was out of ink and had to be forced to move. The word "Ya", although the bottom of the tree is very thick, but its two tree shrews are empty, and it looks like a panda monster with a few fine wickers holding out its hair and eyes Cigarettes Online. ... Oh, in this world of glory and glory, it &#65533;&#65533;Carrying the back hollowed out by years, stretch out a few soft branches, hanging a small pile of poor leaves to welcome this summer. In this natural green shade composed of branches and leaves, the old sycamore pier stands on the road Next to it, the old bark that has not completely fallen off is wrapped in gray-white new wood Carton Of Cigarettes, and looks like a "trawler" that has not been washed for ten years. There is a thin layer hidden in the trunk of the tree. In the mud, a few old peach kernels that people throw in have taken out new shoots and grew carefree. It is this sycamore that reminds me instantly that I have not visited my grandma for a long time. Before 8 years old Every summer vacation, I will go to my grandma &#65533;&#65533;s house for a period of time. There is also an old tree in the grand yard of the grandma &#65533;&#65533;s house. Listening to the grandma said that tree was passed down from grandpa &#65533;&#65533;s grandparents. At that time, I was small and ignorant I always climb the tree with the children o
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