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Тема: ows the writer's review of soci< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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августа 2017
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During the summer vacation, a TV series "My First Half of Life" was on fire in the mother group, and became a hot search on Weibo several times. When I brushed up on Weibo many times, I became interested in it; and I didn't like watching TV series, I always felt that some good works adapted to TV series would ruin the original work. So I watched the first half of my novel written by Yi Shu. After going to school, the teacher of Jingwen Language introduced Lu Xun's "Sad Passion"; only to know that Yi Shu's idol was Mr. Lu Xun, and Yi Shu's "My First Half of Life" changed Mr. Lu Xun's "Sad Passion". However, Mr. Lu Xun's "Sadness" and Yi Shu's "My First Half of Life" have very different writing methods. Mr. Lu Xun's "Sadness" is a story of emotional transformation from a male perspective: At that time was the May 4th Youth Movement, when the brave female college student son Jun and his "friends" were born together to oppose the traditional marriage of children. The parents decide, for the "love" in the minds of both parties Online Cigarettes, they leave the rich family and go out to live with the poor young people. Juan Sheng goes out to work, and Zijun runs a two-person family. However, in the face of harsh reality, love also bowed his head, and there was no way out. At that time, living with a woman under the premise of being unmarried was difficult to see in society Newport 100S. Therefore, he lost his poor but stable job and gradually trickled down. After discovering that Zijun became trivial, he was no longer understanding, and devoted himself only to the host's wife, Mrs. Xiaoguan. The brave and knowledgeable son he admired forever is gone. In the end, he broke up with Zijun on the ground that "love must be renewed, grown, and created constantly, and stagnant love will not last forever." Later Zijun was taken home by her father, and eventually died in the winter of that year. Juan Sheng regretted each other, then realized that Zi Jun's courage is because of love, he should never tell her the truth. Mr. Lu Xun wrote in the first person of Juan Sheng. Most of the text is an explanation of Juan Sheng, rarely mentioning Zijun and his inner description. In Yi Shu's novel The First Half of Life, the names of the male and female protagonists are exactly the same as those of Mr. Lu Xun's The Passion, and they are both sons and daughters. But their lives are completely different and comfortable. My First Half of Life is a story about the transformation of feelings from a female perspective: in the pride of indulgence of the housewife, the husband suddenly raised a divorce one day, when the son was deeply affected Strike, at the expense of using children to save Juansheng, but did not save Juansheng. Zijun spent a period of time in Hunhungong, during which her girlfriend Tang Jing was always by her side, and constantly encouraged Zijun to get out of the marriage failure. Later, Zijun was shocked that he could no longer spend his life in Hunhungong. As a woman in a new era, she should not feel that she has lost hope of living because she lost her marriage. So Zijun began to re-enter the workplace with the support and help of his girlfriend, worked hard on his own career, and made some achievements. This is a story about the "road to counterattack" of a woman in her 30s in the new era. The failure of a marriage forced the heroine to become stronger and more beautiful. With a career, she eventually met a man who loved her. Yi Shu wrote in Zijun's first person. Most of the text describes how Zijun transformed from a betrayed housewife into a beautiful and accomplished woman. The focus is on how Zijun became independent. Compared with Lu Xun and Yi Shu's two novels, I prefer Yi Shu's writing technique and content. Mr. Lu Xun's Wounded Death is too negative, which may have something to do with Mr. Lu Xun's environment at the time. At that time, the purpose of Mr. Lu Xun's "Wounded Death" was to point out the limitations of "personality emancipating the mind" and to explore how the generation of "May 4th" anti-corruption youth affected by "personality emancipating the mind" could get out of the "new" The way of life. " Therefore, the ending of "Sadness" is destined to be a tragedy, and the emotional tone of the entire article is also dull and depressed. And Yi Shu's "The First Half of My Life" is more in line with the values ??of this era-women should be confident and independent. Therefore, the entire article of "My First Half of Life" is an inspirational upward tone of the remorse in the male perspective and the independence of the gentlemen in the female perspective. It shows the writer's review of society and the characteristics of women at the time Wholesale Cigarettes.
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