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августа 2017
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Book Mountain has a road to work, and there is no way to learn from the sea. For us, &#65533;&#65533;books are like a key to open the door to wisdom.&#65533;&#65533; Reading more books that are good for us can help us achieve our dreams. Books, It is the crystallization of wisdom, the portrayal of the times, the essence of all things. Reading more allows us to appreciate the beauty and novelty of the world without leaving home, and also allows us to see the darkness of the past society and thus cherish the present. Life. I like reading when I was a child. At that time, I was often touched by one story after another in the story. I was angry, laughed, and even wept silently. Now I still love to read, I will Surprised by the wonders of the small insect world, the sadness of animals and the tragedy of the "human beings" period. Today, my little bookshelf has been neatly filled with various books, they are my beloved Baby! I don&#65533;&#65533;t want to release my hand. I often hold a book in my spare time and spend a good time leisurely. Reading is a leisurely thing for me. Le book, my book house, my dream! Young people have dreams, should not stop at the heart, but also in action, relentlessly chasing dreams, dreams, can change life, change themselves! And read this paper, distribute The book with ink incense is an important process of my dreams and dreams. At the same time, I learned what I used, I realized the connotation of the book, I learned the nutrition of the book, I appreciated the style of the book, and I appreciate the charm of the book! It is not just "look", but more To "think", the two aspects are combined, this book is really used, and you can learn a lot from it. The book is rich in great wisdom, it condenses Confucian classics, ancient stories, Chinese culture, and makes traditional culture constantly Passing on. Reading not only allows us to learn knowledge, but also allows us to cultivate character and cultivate body and mind Parliament Cigarettes. When I am upset and unable to meditate, taking a book and reading quietly can calm the heart of volatility. When I am When you are wronged, you can also seek a lot of books from the book, like a piece of fireworks, dotted the starry sky of my life, so that my life is less dull and more wonderful. My little book house Nowadays I am full of my dreams, waiting for me to turn them into reality Newport Cigarettes. There is no end to learning the sea, the journey is long, and the book is accompanied by music, and the fun is endless! [The dream of the 2nd caterpillar is beautiful, she broke into Butterfly, playing in the flower layer; the eagle's dream is brave, he soars in the sky, fights the sky; Grandma's dream is simple, she springs Xia Pei, pray for harvest; and my dream is colorful, it goes with The book house is made, and the prospects are compiled in my mind. "The book has its own gold house, and the book has its own Yan Ruyu." Everyone should have a book house of their own. It is not necessarily luxurious, it is not necessarily big, maybe it is just Simple and ordinary, maybe it is just clean and simple, but it is the comfort of my heart, the place where my dreams set sail. The seeds of my dreams are naive and childish, I am not as lively and active as other children Wholesale Cigarettes. Not as mischievous as other children, I am just like a quiet elf, quietly soaking in my little book room, a table, a chair, holding a book sitting at the table, so quiet Gathering in the world of books, witnessing Bai Xuegong Love, accompanied by Little Red Riding Hood to visit his grandmother... At that time, I planted a seed of dreams in my mind: I want to become like a fairy in a fairy tale, helping people to live a better life. . The seed germination faded away, and I gradually became sensible. I no longer have the kind of thoughts. I also realized that there is no elf in the world. I can&#65533;&#65533;t become an elf, but I read the science fiction of 20,000 miles under the sea. After that, I came up with a new idea. Since invention and creation can change people's lives and make people's lives more convenient, then I will become a great inventor and create the Dinorius. Let Vanner&#65533;&#65533;s imagination become a reality, so this became a continuation of my dream. The dream of seed growth is beautiful, the reality is cruel, time will change everything. When I really became a junior high school student and learned physics, I realized how far my dream was from me. How much is this road? Uncertainty, I suddenly found that the future is in vain, can not help but ask: Is my dream possible? This book, "How is Steel Made?" asks me to point out the direction. No matter how difficult it is to realize your dreams, as long as you are willing to work hard, I believe that my future is not a dream. Even if you fail, there is no regret. Just because you have worked hard. Because there are books, there will be dreams. Books are like sailing ships. They drive forward with dreams. This road will not be smooth sailing, but I will sail to the end and reach my dream. Just because of the book, the books are human. The ladder of progress
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