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Тема: Say goodbye to< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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Say goodbye to yesterday's childishness and step into a new and unfamiliar campus. I just didn't adapt to the fast pace of the new life of the school just because I was away from home. Because I am no longer a free bird, I can't find my mother's arms, I can't hear. My father&#65533;&#65533;s stiff and warm words made me feel insecure. But one teacher made me feel the taste of my mother - my geography teacher is just when I miss my parents' waves. When she turns over the river, she enters the classroom with morning light, and the sun shines against her, huge and bloated body Newport Cigarettes. I am glad to think that it is my mother who is in love, my heart pounds, tears in my eyes, time to break out, no longer control, I deeply understand that it is a miss with surprises what. But the sun flashed, and at that moment, I wiped my eyes and saw that it was not my mother. She is our geography teacher. I smelled a warm taste - it was the taste of my mother. It was not a perfume, but it was like a perfume. It was a kind of fragrance that was sweeter than a perfume. It was sweeter than honey and honey. I was very Missing in class, she is not fierce to us, I don&#65533;&#65533;t know how, I have no heart to listen to. But as she talked about me, I became more interested. She used every warm and friendly voice to talk about every knowledge point Marlboro Red, and constantly brought me into the sea of ??joyful knowledge. The knowledge seemed to beat me. Dancing there, forgetting that the students who wrote the answers on the blackboard included me, all raising their hands high Cigarettes For Sale, but the teacher said: "You don't have to raise your hand, you want to come up and write." But there is no one on the spot, making the scene very awkward. The teacher wanted to break this situation and said something that inspired us: "When I was in other classes, they were all rushing, you..." The voice just fell, the students all went up and rushed, in an instant The class has become a stage for the students to show their talents. I am so fascinated by the dear teacher, the taste of my mother, how can I not like it?
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