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Тема: When I was young< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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When I was young, my grandparents were still planting a few points in the memory of the field. Every time my grandparents went down Marlboro Lights, I followed behind them, pretending to be a little girl, and hanging my own small bottle on my neck. Jumping and leaping. In the summer sun, my grandmother took her straw hat and gave it to me. The hat was naturally exaggerated in my natural, loosely hung behind my head, and my eyes closed. The hat is immersed in the taste of the summer sun, warm and clear. There is a dry aroma in the field. I didn&#65533;&#65533;t know how many times I went when I was young, but every time I see the scene, it looks like a new one. Today, I found a large piece of dandelion, pleasing one by one, and smashing the gang to blow them far away, and see the lavender wild fruit and small particles tomorrow. I don&#65533;&#65533;t want to think about it, I put it in the mouth and chewed it It was sweet and full of juice. I once saw the dark green swallowtail butterfly in the field, and there are dazzling powders on the body Marlboro Red. In the bright sunshine, the wings are flying high. I immediately watched it and chased it. Fortunately, it was just a boring spiritual sustenance, and there was not a lot of persistent thoughts. After running for a while, I felt tired and stopped slowly and went back down the old road. Nowadays, people often praise me for knowing the way, I think it is about staying at that time. No matter how far he ran, he never lost his way. Looking up at the blue sky and the farther sky, look at the clouds floating freely. Turning around again, I saw who the tomatoes were ripe, and they were taken off, and washed with the water they carried, and chewed in the mouth. It is a gift from heaven to take care of yourself as a child in the countryside. I think so so far. At the beginning of my life, what I have come into contact with is the beauty of the world. Bright daylight, flying dandelion girl, seductive wild fruit, sly swallowtail butterfly, not the landlord who cares about me. This is the accident of growth, the fate of all beings.
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