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My first storybook is from his hand. There is only one blurry image in the specific situation. Just remember that he went to the business trip, did not buy anything else when he came back, only brought such a thick fairy tale. In the age when I couldn't even understand Pinyin, I was handed over to my hand with a thick ink tone, and I loved it. The content of the book has been quietly present in my mind, a story about hard work and kindness. It is a pity that the book is now gone. His embarrassment is no longer a gift for a girl to destroy items. What is even more embarrassing is that it is not a classic of the classics of Andersen's fairy tales, so that I can't find a book that is roughly the same. I think this is about a necessity. The direct and frank love he gave him in childhood was destined to change with my growth, and then like the fairy tale book, the torrent of time and the cold weather of the weather. He still buys books for me. The theme is not fixed, the story of sorrow, or rigid and rigorous preaching. The only thing in common is that he will write a paragraph on the title page, usually the reason why he feels that the book is worth reading, followed by the date, which is a meticulous slate. I will not hand it over, usually when I am asleep or when I am away from home, I will put a surprise on the bed Newport 100S, so I will never be tired Carton Of Cigarettes. This has become a habit, right, and it has become a habit of communication between us. This habit is accumulated in this way, until one day suddenly discovers that they have occupied a rather large space on the bookcase, they seem to be connected together to form the framework of my growth; they are all in one, because each book It seems that I have a separate memory of him. Finger caressing, this may be the pattern of his daughter's growth in his eyes. Every step is a process of change and learning. He builds a frame for me. I hope that I walk in such a square, stepping on the position Parliament Cigarettes, and being flat and comfortable. Going on, I am stubborn, obedient, privately, but I don't know how much his book is deviating, my way.
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» Быстрый ответ ient, privately, but I don't k
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