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Тема: If I am a millionaire,< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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августа 2017
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If I am a millionaire, I will take the car to the country. Visiting education, enriching the teacher's mind, improving the teaching level Cheap Cigarettes, and cultivating more useful talents to make our country more beautiful and rich Newport 100S. If I am a millionaire, I will run a best welfare home to make homeless. The children who have returned have a good place to feel the warmth of home if I am a millionaire. Ask the world to be a famous sports coach: basketball coach, football coach, badminton coach... Train Chinese athletes to be extremely powerful, and make Chinese sports even more powerful, so that foreigners who used to call Chinese people as "sick people in East Asia" have repeatedly frustrated and made China a veritable name. The "sports giant". If I am a millionaire, I will continue to work. Because "one inch of time is one inch of gold, it is difficult to buy inch of inch". If I don't do things all day, I won't be back when time passes, and then regrets will not help. Moreover, money will one day be spent. Work can still make money, make more money, you can do more good things. If I am a millionaire, I must study hard first to make these become reality. I believe that I can turn these into reality. The fourth one: If I am a piece, if I am a cloud, I can freely drift around the world and travel around the world. How wonderful! When spring is here, I stretch out and pull out from my mother's arms, letting the wind uncle take me around the earth. The wind uncle whipped up the gang, blew a big breath and drove me to the road. I saw the sound of firecrackers on the road and the sound of playfulness can be heard everywhere. Why are you so excited? Oh, it&#65533;&#65533;s going to be the Spring Festival, everyone is happy. Red cotton jackets, red cloth shoes, red spring couplets, red firecrackers, are red everywhere. The sky is still full of the smell of wine and meat, so I can't help but drool. In this way, I spent a spring in the city and saw the summer life of people in the city. I slowly came to the garden. I was stunned by the sights in front of me. There are flowers everywhere, all kinds, all kinds of people, white, red, pink, blue, yellow... This is simply the ocean of flowers. I suddenly got into the yellow flowers and turned into yellow, which was very fun. I jumped into the pink forest again and turned pink. This summer I was playing in the garden, sleeping in the flowers at night, jumping from the flowers to the flowers during the day, and dressing myself up. Autumn came with aroma, I ran into the orchard, the apple on the tree blushing, the yellow pear squinted with big eyes to watch the world, the green watermelon uncle opened his red mouth and smiled, revealing her Black teeth. Bananas are like boats sailing in the sea. This autumn, I smell the aroma of melon every day, play with them every day, and whispering in the winter with a breeze. I was blown away by the cold wind, and it fell to the mountain, and the snow girl fell from the sky. It looks like a beautiful fairy is flying from the sky in a white veil. Snow covered the mountain peaks, looking from above, silver everywhere, the mountains are silver, the forest is silver, the underground is still silver, the whole world is like a girl in silver, very beautiful. Winter passed, I roamed for a season, I finally turned into steam on the first day of spring, and flew away. If I was a cloud, I was going to travel around the world to make my life more fulfilling. The fifth part: If I am a grain, if I am a grain of sand, a grain of cold sand, I walked by the wind, drifting around the wind, trying to find the highlights of my own and the power of the wind by the wind, I left a desolate place. The wind stopped here. I landed on this mysterious site. I just look around. I saw a group of people under the sun carrying a large stone. I was suddenly put up by a small person. When he took me up, I saw his face that had been cracked under the sun. I couldn&#65533;&#65533;t help but know. He is just a cold servant like me, but they are stopping a huge task. They filled me in a tall, gold-shaped fortress. I stood on the top and stood on the ground. I thought: The servants have done this huge task, and they are still so cold for a long time. The wind has blown through here Newport Cigarettes. I took the wind and left China. The wind stopped, I saw a person who had been smashed to the cheekbones and passed over to me. He stood on the van, it was so cold, it was worthless! I don't know how long it took, there are two countries to send troops. Suddenly, a familiar figure jumped in front of me. Yes, it is him, it must be him. A person who once stood on the prisoner, who was taken to the cheekbones. He passed by a chariot, and I looked at it carefully. His eyes are no longer as helpless and sorrowful as before. In his opinion, what I see is a hero. When the battle began, I saw him in a good position. He strategized and used his troops as a god. Soon, he defeated the enemy. Later, I knew that he was called Sun Wei. I thought: Could it be that he is still so cold? The wind blows me up again. I was blown into a piece of the sea. When a glimpse saw me fall out, I closed the shell quickly. Therefore, I have been in front of me for a long time. When I woke up, the invention itself was surrounded by people, and I could see that they couldn&#65533;&#65533;t hold their eyes calm and happy. I looked at myself and it was already a huge pearl Marlboro Lights. I calmly said: I eventually became a bright spot. I asked myself: Could it be that I am still so cold? Everyone is a grain of sand. Everyone has to go through hardships. One day, I will become a shining pearl. The highlight of a person is like a pearl. Occasionally, it is only shimmered by the clam shell. But just you do not exhaust your efforts. One day, you will penetrate the thick shell and let your highlights recover the glare.

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