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Тема: The teacher is a hard gar< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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августа 2017
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The teacher is a hard gardener. It is a burning red candle. It is the golden key to open the door of knowledge. It is the navigation device for every teenager. If I am a teacher, how cool it should be. I will teach my classmates to read. This literacy is not only about acquaintances, but also to write the words correctly, horizontally and vertically, and to be upright, not to be sloppy, just like being a human being. If I am a teacher, how good is that. . I will tell the students stories and broaden their thinking. The story can't be limited to the class. The five thousand years of culture in China, how many stories can be told, as long as it is good, the students like me, if I am a teacher, I must give the students less homework and more activity time Parliament Cigarettes. Children are always lively and active. It is difficult to ask them to stay at the desk for two or three hours. Why not let them play? In fact, you can learn knowledge if you are a teacher. In normal times, I will open my heart and learn from the students about their psychological condition, accept each of their opinions, and stand on their stand and think about it Newport Cigarettes Coupons, avoid indiscriminate and chaotic conclusions. If you have any incomprehensible or ambiguous things in learning, I will patiently explain them to them until they understand them, instead of being furious, they will not listen to them in class, or even say something that hurts their self-respect; I am a teacher. Will I establish a "small court" and a "small court" in my class? Maybe you will be puzzled Marlboro Gold. In this way, the discipline in the class will be upgraded to avoid blindly determining the penalty. The whole class will not accept it, not only will not change the bad habits, but also cast a "shadow" on the teacher's opinion; if I am Teacher, I will change the boring learning method in the past, let the students go to practice in life, let them get knowledge in the process of practice. If I am a teacher, I want the classroom to be full of happiness, so that everything is done in happiness. I will not arrange too many homework for my classmates, but arrange some questions that I want to experiment with. In this way, students who are relatively poorly studied and lazy will not sigh and complain too much about their homework all day long Marlboro Cigarettes. Moreover, these brainstorming and experimental questions can also exercise the thinking ability of the students. It is not the same as if I were a teacher. I will play with my classmates, learn together, be friends with them, be gentle and friendly to them. If I am a teacher, I will let the students learn happily on campus. If I am a teacher, how good is it? The second one: If I am the high red palace wall of Kang Ningwang, I will remember that there was once an admiration that made me respect. King--Kangxi. When I think of him, I can't help but feel too much emotion for him. I hope that he is him. If I am Kangxi, I will, like him, often walk out of the seemingly majestic and holy palace gate, go to the folks, and observe the feelings of the people. Look at the vicissitudes of the world, watch the world cool, don't let the wall of the palace block yourself. When I walk out of the palace gate, I will always remind myself: I am also an ordinary person. Like ordinary people, I am an extremely ordinary person. Only in this way can I understand the suffering of the human world and care for the safety of the people. Only in this way can I understand the true meaning of Kangxi. If I am Kangxi, I will use my sharp eyes to gain insight into the hearts of the ministers. I have to use my heart to understand what is loyalty, what is the flattery of the aunt, to learn from the Tang Taizong, not to listen to the rumors, to accept the ministers. Only in this way can we truly achieve the right to govern the country; only in this way can we become a good emperor of the wise, to make the country flourish, of course, people are not sages, no way, I have to make up for Kangxi&#65533;&#65533;s Inadequacies If I am Kangxi, I will not be like a woman like Kangxi, to be decisive, and rewards and punishments. If the minister who had made a meritorious deed had committed a great crime, he would write a memorial to the emperor and ask for it. Kangxi always read the old feelings and let them go. However, this matter does not agree. I will learn the decisiveness of the embarrassment. I will not read the old feelings. The killing will not be forgiven. If it is not, it will only encourage their arrogance. They will make mistakes again and again and will cause harm to the country. The loss of recovery. Only in this way is it a wise decision. If I am Kangxi, I will often talk to my sons and experience their feelings. They should teach them that they should be people, not to be self-disciplined. In this way, it will not be ambiguous, still indecent, indecisive, and even more sinister and insidious, and seek for power. Only in this way is it wise to Kangxi, the wise king of the generation. But he has become history. If I am Kangxi, I must be conscientious and be a third king who is more wise than Kangxi. If I am a millionaire, if I am a millionaire, I will let all the poor people in the world. Live a happy and happy life, let them not worry about eating badly, not wearing well. If I am a millionaire, I will let all the children who have dropped out of school because of poverty go to school to receive knowledge education, so that the eyes of those who are eager for knowledge are no longer confused. If I am a millionaire, I will take my Part of the money donated to charity so that everyone in the world can live a happy life. If I am a millionaire, I will travel all over the world, plant all the flowers and trees, and let people breathe fresh when they open the window. If the air is a millionaire, I will take out a little money to treat people who are sick but have no money to treat them, so that they will no longer suffer from illness.

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