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Тема: The moon hangs high in the ai< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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августа 2017
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The moon hangs high in the air, the stars squint tiredly, and the trees are blown left and right by the cold wind. My brother and I watched TV and went to bed Wholesale Cigarettes. don't know what time it was, I was awake. I found myself wearing only a pair of pajamas, my body curled up, my hands and feet were cold. The quilt wrapped his brother tightly, and I touched it with my hand, and my brother was sweating. I spent a lot of effort to pull the quilt over. Just lying down, my "victory fruit" disappeared without a trace. My anger is seven cigarettes, one bite: "&#65533;", the quilt flew to me. As soon as I turned over, I took a breath and closed my eyes. After a while, I turned over and looked at my brother. I saw him with his hands on his stomach, his legs on his arms, and his body was cold. I was a little pitiful to him, and he gave him half of the quilt. Unexpectedly, the quilt just touched him a little, only to see him grab the corner with his hand, and the quilt slipped from him like mud to him. I slammed my head and thought: "This little liar, dare to lie to me!" I gritted my teeth, clenched my hands into fists, and rushed to my younger brother, and suddenly caught the quilt. The younger brother turned over and snorted. He groped for a moment in his bed and grabbed the quilt from me.ught to myself: "Good boy, dare to do this to your elder brother, eat me!" Opened the quilt and gently slap on his brother's ass. The younger brother snorted and threw the pillow over Cheap Cigarettes. I was angry and annoyed, and said angrily: "I want to be!" I grabbed the corner and groaned, and reluctantly said: "I will not cover one more with my brother in the future!" Then, in the younger brother I slapped my ass. The younger brother snorted and even laughed Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. It turned out that my brother was deliberately making trouble with me! I am "great": "The kid How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, it hurts your brother to freeze for a long time!" After that, he was beaten and started to sleep.a while, the brother&#65533;&#65533;s sweet breath was heard in the room Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and I closed my eyes and gradually fell asleep. this text is finished. You can leave it and you can leave school." After the English teacher finished, he put down the book and sat down to rest.s I learned today are very simple and everyone is relieved. "Fortunately, the text is simple, otherwise I don't have to leave school," I thought to myself. I am new in the past few days, and my back is very slow, so I am very scared. in the position to rest for a while, letting my heart calm down, watching the students around me, I secretly thought: "Today I must be the first one to back down!" Combining Chinese meaning, think about grammar, Back to the word, read it a few more times, I will read the Chinese mind for a while, meditation on English for a while, and then use the word to write the word. Finally back down! My eyes are wide open and my hands are holding my fists. Today, I want to compete with the good acher clapped his hands and signaled us to stop. We took out the pen and paper and prepared to write it. The teacher said: "Who dares to stand up first?" What? stand up? I used to write all in the past! The students whispered one by one, and several of them stood up, but they didn't back. After a long time, no one was back. . "Why, are you so timid?" the teacher said with a smile. I couldn't help it, one bite my teeth, and I clenched my fist and stood up. The teacher gestured to let me back. I was stuttering at first, my face was very hot, but the more smooth I was at the back, although there were a few mistakes, I was still finished and my back was very successful.

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