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Тема: Nowadays, technology is more and< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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августа 2017
PostIcon Отправлено: октября 08 2018,10:43   Ignore posts   QUOTE

Nowadays, technology is more and more developed, people are immersed in the happiness of technology life, and completely neglect the protection of the environment. Nowadays, 110,000 square kilometers of forests are slowly disappearing every year in the world; 250 million tons of water are polluted  ancient times, the earth was thriving. But in the 21st century, the earth has undergone earth-shaking changes: a large number of animals have become extinct; environmental pollution has become more and more serious; a large amount of soil has been destroyed; temperatures have gradually increased; glaciers in the north and south poles have rapidly melted Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and many animals in the south and north poles have become homeless. . These are caused by the blind science of human beings.e should lay down science, protect the environment, and let the animals go home. humanity enters the 21st century, war and disease seem to directly drag humanity into the door of hell Marlboro Gold Pack, and we are tormented Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. Therefore, we believe that scientific development has more harm than good, no doubt! No need to explain! The current science and technology should be used appropriately. In our blind technology, we must not forget to protect the environment and prevent our mothers from smashing.  dumplings had just come out of the pot, and the yard was filled with deafening firecrackers. I helped my mother to make dumplings. At this time, I should eat dumplings. The whole family sat on the table talking and laughing. Half an hour later, my father and sister went back to the house. I went out to buy a bag of firecrackers and then ran to the roof to watch the fireworks. There is a smell of gunpowder in the air, which is the taste of the Spring Festival. Everything can be seen on the roof, and the sky is like a bottle of thick ink, but people don't have a rest. The children also set off firecrackers on the street. The adults gathered together to order food. They bought bottles of wine and talked and laughed together, talking about their childhood happiness.the Chinese New Year, it is still the New Year. Since the New Year is of course the indispensable part of our children. No, the old classmate told me to go out and shoot. We went out into the fields and sent fireworks to the sky, adding a beautiful "flower" to the sky. Of course, there are times when we are in trouble. For example, throwing the gun into someone else's house, throwing the ignited double-shot gun into the pipes for pouring the ground... The reward is the screams of those adults. However, we have not paid attention to the chaos. We put the remaining guns on the ground Marlboro Cigarettes, letting them lie in the fields, watching the bursts of fireworks in the air, and the sound of "banging". On the way home, we talked about their lives, studies and physical conditions, leaving a string of laughter on the road.ock in the evening, only a few people in the entire village are still releasing only one day of the Spring Festival of the year Carton Of Cigarettes. After the end of the year, we must greet the new year. I really think that the Spring Festival of this year will never end.

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