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Тема: There are feelings in people and< Предыдущая тема | Следующая тема >
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августа 2017
PostIcon Отправлено: ноября 10 2018,10:40   Ignore posts   QUOTE

There are feelings in people and animals in the world. An interesting &#65533;&#65533;event happened on Vancouver Street on the day of October 9, 2001.hat day, a group of ducklings led by the mother to the streets of Vancouver. They were led by the mother of the ducks and went to a roadside. The mother of the ducks turned back and screamed a few times. It seems to be saying: "Children, we have to cross the road, the children must follow behind the mother. If the iron shovel on the North Road is gone, it is very bad." Several ducklings followed. The mother of the duck swayed behind the road.r has been carefully parked on the left and right sides of the duck team, just like the traffic lights Carton Of Cigarettes, orderly.then, a thrilling "event" was staged Marlboro Gold. Only heard the "plop" mechanism, the duckling suddenly disappeared. It turned out that the duckling was fully transferred to the sewer.other of the duck saw it and hurriedly flapped her wings. The mother of the duck calmed down and came to the traffic police. The mother of the duck turned for the police. The police did not know what the duck mother was doing, and touched it friendly Marlboro Lights. The mother knew that the police did not know the meaning and used his mouth to shake the police. The trouser legs alluded to let the police come with it. The police understood that they had arrived at the "place of the accident" with the mother of the duck. After seeing a few ducklings, I thought, "If you don't, then a few little guys will be washed away." The police could not catch the ducklings when they reached out. The mother of the duck was in a hurry, and the look of the scorpion looked like he was sayinghis time, the police saw a fishing supplies store on the side of the road immediately ran over Newport Cigarettes Price, borrowed a fishing bag from the store owner and fished the ducklings one by one.other of the ducks saw that their children were very happy and used their own big wings to caress them. The ducklings rehearsed the team and walked to the other side of the road. They turned back and called a few times, as if they were thanking the police. It.police returned to the post and watched the duck team go very far. Sister, you have to grow up quickly, the world outside is rich and colorful Cigarettes Cheaper, and of course there are all kinds of difficulties waiting for you to experience. If you grow up to be so big now, there is always something to accompany you, but before you grow up, I have to go through all kinds of hardships. Everyone else says: People live in the world. A test, life has the difficulties of endless experience, and these difficulties will make us brave and strong. Sister, you have to grow up soon!ldhood may not be so happy. I have a lot of painful experiences. I have to talk about it for three days and three nights. I won&#65533;&#65533;t say it here. I have a dad, I rarely talk to him, because he is very, always angry when he is still moving, who owes him 25 billion has not paid off! Also, my sister is a "short-term wife". My mother will argue with him every time she listens. I can't swallow this breath in my heart. Why do he say this, it is hard that my sister is not his own! It is a typical "neuropathy" + "brain damage" + "dementia." So sister, you have to grow up quickly, don't like the old man so much, he is, "the surface is gentle and bad." You can't be deceived by his appearance! If you know the truth, I believe that you will like mom and me very much, not the stinky old man., you will grow up to meet this real world! Things in the world are not so easy to distinguish clearly, so you have to open your eyes and let your eyes see the real world!

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