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That faint sun hangs on the sky. Ling's heart seemed to break a string, dripping a little bit of blood. There were no tears on her face < Newport Cigarettes >, the tears had dried up, only her heart was still in pain, she was 15 years old. 15-year-old Ling Tianzi was excellent and was admitted to the Tsinghua Junior Class early. At the time of parting, the students' eyes were hot and full of emotions, and Ling's heart was cool at that time. But among those eyes that can kill people, Piansheng also has a pair of clear and mottled eyes. These eyes accompanied Ling, who was also 15 years old. Oh! wind. What does this unwise and somewhat silly girl want to do? The wind was attached to Ling's ear and said softly: "After 3 years, I want you to be my school sister. Ling, don't let me down, at least if you are the president of the student union! This year, Ling is 18 years old. She is windy I look forward to becoming the president of the student union, but can she really become her schoolgirl? Did the silly girl really come? "President! "Somebody outside is called Ling. Ling understands that today is the start of school. Presumably there will be newcomers to the freshman. But, what about the wind, the short hair and long skirt? Ling went, and saw the new students. The wind, the wind in Ling's impression. But why is there wind in the list, is it just a coincidence? No, she is the wind, but changed the short skirts, long hair fluttering, short-sleeved shirt with long Black jeans. "Wind," Ling couldn't help, "Are you still wind? do you still remember me? ""who are you? Sister Xue < Cigarettes For Sale >, have we met? "I'm Ling!" However, the wind no longer responded. A teacher pulled Ling aside and said, "I know you and Feng are good friends, but the wind lost memory in a car accident. The only thing I can remember is to pass Tsinghua University < Newport 100S >. Your Something she did not remember. "Well, I can't control the changes in the world. Let the good memories stay in the past and hide in the deepest part of the heart spring! Ling Xiangfeng is still blowing, but no tears can be shed

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