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Тема: Some people say that the idea
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Отправлено ylq в октября 08 2018,10:44
Some people say that the ideal is like the navigation of an airplane. Without navigation, it will be like a fly without a head--a ??chaotic flight. I think that ideal is the goal of life. Only when you have a goal can you spread your wings. Gao Xiang.When I stepped into the four small gates of Jingbian, my mother took me into the class of (2) class. I just entered the door and saw my class teacher. She is also my Chinese teacher Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, Teacher Wang Li.I am ignorant of the first grade, I am curious about everything, and I always cry. Whenever I cry, Teacher Wang will come over and caress my head. She is like my mother. Always care for me and take care of me.In the second grade, my class teacher was still Teacher Wang. At that time, although I understood some truths, I often made some small mistakes. Also, Teacher Wang, pointed out my mistakes in time, helped me correct, and taught me to be serious.Whenever I saw the kind eyes of Teacher Wang, there was always a warmth in my heart Marlboro Lights. From then on, I decided to grow up: I must be a person who has forgotten to be the same people!In the six years of primary school life, I also met many amiable teachers Carton Of Cigarettes. Yuan Cailing taught me to be strong. Teacher Wang Ling let me know that I have to think twice before doing anything. Ren Renfen taught me. How to do things for people Marlboro Gold Pack. So my will is more determined--I must be a beloved people's teacher!Of course, being a teacher is also very fortunate. First, you must have a certain amount of capital. Secondly, you must learn how to respect others Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, care for others, understand others, and finally have a tolerant heart.or my dreams, I will be desperate, so from now on, I must study hard, even if there are more difficulties, I will certainly overcome it!lthough I have failed and been depressed, what about it? Dreams are destined to be a lonely trip, even if you are bruised and bruised, you must live beautifully!
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