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Chinese language program brand stogie introduction, China's actions major stogie brand knowledge list

The specialized offerings for the old Zhongnanhai at this time fly throughout the homes about ordinary most people, and it's the Great Selection cigars that produce this a real possibility. The the past of pipes begins along with the Mayans about America. Bicycles of Chinese language program cigars developed in Shifang. Bicycles of Chinese language program cigar begins along with the predecessor about Great Selection cigar -- 132 specialized handmade < Newport 100s > stogie. Today, We want to  launch eight designs of Chinese language program cigars in your direction.

Great Selection cigar

GREATWALL is mostly a medium and additionally high-end cigar label of sichuan and additionally chongqing China and tiawan tobacco, which mainly is focused on hand-made pipes and model rolled pipes.

Crown stogie

Anhui cigar is found in the thousand-year-old locale, a development of long lost Philosopher Zhuangzi's home town - Mengcheng.

White Crane System, 1916

White Crane System, a recognized brand on < Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping > the domestic high-end butt industry, is mostly a model about Chinese butt.

4. Taishan Stogie

Taishan, were only available in 1928, a well-known high-end < Newport 100s Carton Cheap > label of cigarettes, the sooner production about "tea charming incense" butt enterprises.

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