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Тема: Marlboro Gold Cigarettes small box
автор: sellcigarette

Отправлено sellcigarette в января 10 2020,11:20
Tobacco foliage refined into, widely well - liked by consumers. Now small makeup to take you to see how for the simple "seven wolves (red)" box true or bogus.
One, < Marlboro Gold Cigarettes > small box associated with commodity marking bronzing practice differences
Genuine small pack front and back include "running Wolf" trademark structure, the pattern using embossing molding process, bronzing borders appears concave and < Wholesale Newport Cigarettes > convex three-dimensional effect
False smoke using imitation technological know-how, its pattern edge find it difficult to present concave - convex stereo effect,  and the hobby with the real product features obvious differences. (top real bottom false)
Two, smaller box bottom red discolored < Cartons of Newport 100s Wholesale > gradient technology difference comparability
The bottom of the original modest box is printed with good density red and orange gradient technology. The shiny origin particles are okay and have small gaps. The actual yellow part gradually turns into shallow from deep.
The particular fake smoke adopts the normal imitation technology, the color beginning particle is thick plus the gap is large, along with the technical characteristics of the authentic product are obviously several. (top true bottom false)

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