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Chiu nam, a Japanese abroad Chinese, founded the nanyang tobacco company in Hk. Under his successful online marketing strategy of "Chinese smoke < Wholesale Newport Cigarettes > China's cigarettes", he produced their own "double happiness" and "flying < Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes > crane". Brands of cigarettes, like brand, recaptured the market dropped to foreign businessmen for a long period, fought the British along with American company's  "three battery", "pili" and other brands sent, laid the foundation for the future progress Chinese tobacco. Current Hk "red double happiness" producer is in those < Marlboro Gold Cigarettes > days old manufacturer.
Cigarette labels began to contact form
In the early days of the beginning of new China, tobacco goods were mainly tobacco in addition to 70S paperback cigarettes. Typically the tobacco packaging was finished by hand and the trademark had been small square label. Smoke rolling equipment for semi-automatic simple paperback cigarette moving machine and simple semi-automatic directly bag installed, one finish of the small package brand paper has a treaty 1 centimeter long tear,

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