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Тема: Newport Cigarettes Cheap has a big gap
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Отправлено sellcigarette в июня 10 2019,10:36
Inexpensive Chinese cigarette brands
Lower growth - 88. < Cheap Newport 100s Online > six cartons < Marlboro Lights Cigarettes > of low-tar smoke brands, annual sales associated with RMB 2 . 5 mil (50, 000 PCS) or even above, only tobacco team
Compared with other traditional flue-cured tobacco brands, no matter the brand < Newport 100s Cigarettes > name specifications, the overall sales amount of low-tar brands that finished the  planning target in 2015 still < Newport Cigarettes Cheap > has a big gap. Based on statistics, in the first 1 / 4 of 2011,?? The product sales volume of low-tar cigarettes offers reached 869 000 models. The closure shows the actual accelerating development trend regarding sales. The annual revenue volume of low-tar cigarettes is actually structured

Sales of low-tar cigarettes < Cheap Newport 100s > exceeded 15 billion dollars yuan. The trend of quick growth, low tar smokes, low base, the trend of faster growth is very prominent.

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